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What's 100% clear is that we need to study hard to fill our lives with satisfaction and strenghten ourselves,then group those people together who have the same minds similiar to ours,thus can we truly make a contribution to kee...

if we are tired, we have to come back the day we know each other

Our original packaging is no of proof, so we add moisture bag to avoid damp products. .我们原来的包装是没有防潮的,所以我们添加防潮袋的目的是为了避免产品受潮

I have a friend follow like a shadow in the past. Even though we are in different schools,the first thing we do after getting home was to find each other and then talk about a day's experiences.

Peace and developents are the major topic nowadays. In order to keep the world prosperous, I insist on maintaining peace.


Don't judge a person by your own way of thinking?

那么长? 嘿嘿,我的能力有限,期待有专业人士或者英语爱好者帮忙翻译,肯定是一篇美文。期待满意答案哦~

The year 950-1500 was the heyday of architectural history in France.Romanesque and Gothic style church like bamboo shoots after a spring rain as they stand.Like the Notre Dame de Paris, Sacred Heart Church, the Louvre, the Sorb...

Load on or off when the power supply voltage, Its a mutation process , for some appliances, the rapid change in current is too large, is likely to cause adverse effects, such as ranging from burned fuses, Power so incandescent ...

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