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把一句话翻译成英语,不要借助翻译工具,谢谢! 和...

Peace and developents are the major topic nowadays. In order to keep the world prosperous, I insist on maintaining peace.

Who will you think of when you are helpless?

What's 100% clear is that we need to study hard to fill our lives with satisfaction and strenghten ourselves,then group those people together who have the same minds similiar to ours,thus can we truly make a contribution to kee...

Our original packaging is no of proof, so we add moisture bag to avoid damp products. .我们原来的包装是没有防潮的,所以我们添加防潮袋的目的是为了避免产品受潮

Mr,bean always becomes a laughing stock and makes audience laugh.求采纳谢谢


Don't judge a person by your own way of thinking?

Always smile to deal with anything

so i hope i could be good friend with the three kids.

发脾气会影响自己的学习和生活,要克制住自己,不要轻易发脾气 Tantrums can affect your own learning and life. You must restrain yourself and do not lose your temper easily.

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