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Unit 5 1.我发现集邮是有用的。(find ath+adj) I find collecting stemps useful. 2.这个周末将会有一部电影上演。(be on) A movie will be on this weekend. 3.昨天晚上汤姆确实唱得很好。(all right) Tom's singing last night was all ...

We met her on our way home. They turned back but found nothing. As usual,they sat under a big tree. Why does the kitten sound like a ghost. We have told Andy about that strange voice .

手工翻译的,请看: 你最喜欢的科目是什么?2 What’s your favorter subject? What subject do you like best? 今天是几号周几?今天是十二月20日,周四。 What date is today,what day is today?Today is December 20th Thursday 我的最后一节...

没有技巧可言,具体问题要作具体分析。如果你懂这句话的意思了,就不存在技巧了;如果你不懂这句话,再多的技巧也等于零。举个简单例子,“What's your name?"这句话,如果你懂了,就不需要技巧,你就能翻译成“你的名字是什么”或者“你叫什么名字”...

1 公用电话在图书馆对面 2公用电话在图书馆旁边 3公用电话在邮局与图书馆之间 4公用电话在格林大道上 5公用电话在图书馆前面 6公用电话在图书馆后面


(1) My dog will 【look】【for】【me】【everywhere】 (2) Birds can 【make】【the】【nests】【with】sticks and leaves for themselves Birds can 【build/construct/】【their】【nests /homes/houses】【with】sticks and leaves for them...

I would like to join the music club. Listen! Daming is playing the piano in his room. Don't worry about your English. I can help you. Li Lei doesn't like playing computer games. What about you? My dad can play table tennis. Tha...

my sister's birthday is 9th Feb. his father is forty-four years old. what's the date of your friend's birthday party? see you next week~ whether the time of our party is 3 p.m. next week?

Hilbrand说,重要的是每个人去决定提供多少帮助算合适, 只要你觉得这个行善强度对你来说没有压力,你也许在做一些利人利己的事

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