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谁能帮我把这个句子翻译成英语,谢谢了! 学生们装...

The students dressed up as different animals

Weird years, who wander, who return home?

谢谢你帮我纠正过来错误 Thank you for correcting my mistake

1、我们会给你们寄我们的报关资料,你们单独帮我们报关,是需要报关退税的,报关后请提供报关单,用qq发底稿就可以 1, we will send you our customs declaration material, you help us customs declaration alone, is the need to declare tax...

In this way, others will feel that you think highly of them and will be very ready to make friends with you. 记得采纳啊

Vacation time teacher once three times lead us to Weifang Geer company internship each time for two months, the main production of Bluetooth headsets, my department is assembled in the workshop, where the job is the glue line s...

When I gone through the misery all by myself, I wouldn't wanna be with anyone anymore.

I finished my exam today and will continue to play this game tomorrow. 此句表示我现在已经考完试了。 I will finish my exam today and continue to play this game tomorrow.此句表示我今天要考试,但还没开始考。 两句都没有语法错误,只...

Decision criteria is whether the action can be completed by the subject a person

正值万物复苏之际,人们 When all things come back to life, people 正值万物复苏之际,人们 When all things come back to life, people

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