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She doesn't feel pain any more,neither her legs。 如果用neither,前半句就不能直译“消失(disappear)”了,因为如果这样翻译意思:是她疼痛消失了,腿也不见了。所以只好翻译她不再感觉疼了。

neither do i 我也不会…… neither do i 表示“我也不是”neither i do 表示“我也是的”是根据别人说的某句否定意义的话而用neither回答,也可以替换成nor。如果别人说的是肯定意义的话,就成了so do i, or. so I do 。例如: I don’t like eating ...

Her father and mother neither like watching football.

what he said is neither in English nor in Chinese. Why didn,t we understand him?

1.He has neither a car nor a house. 不用“neither... nor...”的话:He doesn't have a car or a house.(注意是or不是and) 2.He neithr drinks nor smokes. 或 He doesn't drink or smoke. 3.不矛盾。给你一个例句:I have no car.这个句子语法...

他既不擅长英语,也不擅长数学翻译成英文是He is neither good at English nor good at maths. neither用作连词常与nor一起连用,连接两个相同成分,如两个主语或宾语,意思是“既不…也不”。如果连接的是两个主语,句中谓语动词的人称和数取决于no...

Neither does he want to go out at this weekend, nor do me.

回答和翻译如下: 我不喜欢这件夹克衫,他也不喜欢。 I don't like this jacket, and he doesn't like it either.

either与neither可用作形容词、代词、副词和连词等,它们的用法如下: 一、用作形容词。起定语作用,常放在单数名词前。either表示“这个或者那个”;neither表示“既非这个、也非那个,两者皆非的”。如: You may use either book.两本书你可以随...

Neither Jim nor his parents have seen this film/movie. neither...nor...既不......也不...... 亲:高老师祝你学习进步,每天都开心V_V! 望采纳,thx!

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